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Ordering Direct

Fundy Direct

Now that your rooms have been designed (and even selected) you can order by clicking the Export icon in the top right and selecting Order or Export for Print

Select Rooms

Select Rooms

You will see all of your designed rooms in the first step. The rooms you are ordering will have the green check mark next to the room name. You can select or deselect any room by clicking the check mark in this view. Once you have reviewed and confirmed your selections, click Next.

Export Option

In the Export Option you can choose to either Order Direct or Export.

Preview Order

Preview Order

The Preview Order screen will allow you to review all of your products as well as products by room.

1. View all rooms or click to select the individual room you would like to review. The total number of rooms being ordered will be listed directly under this section.

2. Products are listed by type and size, and have the number of each print listed to the left of the description. You can see the total number of items slated for order listed directly under this section.

3. Note that this order is being placed through Fundy Direct.

4. If the information listed is correct, click Next. To alter your order, click Select Rooms to go back to the previous step.

Create Image Files

In step five, your image files are created. This process will take a few minutes and can vary in time based on how many images are in your order. If you notice anything wrong, or you need to go back, you can cancel at any time using the X in top right! Once this step is complete, the Wizard will automatically progress to the next step.



If you are ready to proceed with the upload, click Upload. You can also go back to Review Design or cancel in the top right corner.

Upload Manager

Upload Manager

You will have a small window pop up. This is the upload manager, where you can monitor the progress of your uploads to the Fundy Direct server. You can go back to designing your album while this uploads, as it will take a few minutes.

Complete Order

Complete Order

Review Rooms in Cart

You will be able to review each room in the cart. You will need to review and select from the available room options. Once you have made your selections, click COMPLETE GALLERY SELECTIONS to proceed to the next room. Complete these steps for each room to proceed to shipping.

Shipping Info

Enter and/or verify your shipping information. Once you do that, click UPDATE SHIPPING.


Enter your credit card and billing information for your card. Click NEXT.


Take a few moments to review your order one more time before you submit. Note: Every step of the process encourages you to review your order. Please make sure your order is exactly what you want prior to submitting. You can cancel or edit your order at any time until you submit your order!

Order Complete

Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your order. You will be able to track your order by logging into the customer portal. Click Track Your Order to go there!

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