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Terminology and Toolbars

You have your images loaded and you're all set to start designing.. where do you start?!  These are the views and tool bars you'll see during the design process.

Planner View

Planner View is where you will plan out the order of your spreads in Album Builder.  Hovering over a spread will give you a tool bar of spread options.

Top to bottom:  Move Spread, Shuffle Images, Shuffle Layout, Quick Design Picker, and Delete Spread

In Gallery Designer you will see all your rooms together.  The same tool bar options are available for a room as for a spread.

Designer View

Designer view is where most of the design process will take place, where you can see guide lines for your album spreads and tool bars to make changes.

In Gallery Designer, we also refer to this as Room view, because you are designing one room specifically.

Canvas View

In Gallery Designer, double clicking an image in Room view will take you to Canvas view, where you can see the guides and make changes to an individual image on the wall.

Album Builder Toolbars

1.  These are the spread tools.  All of these options pertain to the entire spread.

Left to right:  Magnifying Loupe, Drop Zone flip, Text, Background, Pin Design, Guides, Layouts

2.  These are your Drop Zone tools.  These edits will affect the images within the entire orange Drop Zone.

Top to bottom:  Image ratio, Fit vs. Fill, External Editor, Layer order, Rearrange Images, Alignment, Background, Black & White, Spacing/Stroke/Drop Shadow, Columns or Rows, Tutorials, Delete

3.  Along the bottom are the Image tools.  These tools will affect only the image that has been clicked on.

Left to right:  Image ratio, External Editor, Black & White, Horizontal Flip, Opacity/Zoom/Rotation

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