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Using the Orders Tab

The Orders tab is accessed on the right side of your Image Browser, alongside the Tag Options

The Orders tab can be collapsed by clicking the Arrow, or by double clicking "Orders"

Adding a New Order

Adding a New Order

The drop down menu to create a New Order will allow you to create multiple orders within the same project.  For example, you may want to order a gallery wall and album for the bride and groom, just an album for the groom's parents, and an album with a print for the bride's parents.

You can change the name of the order by using the pencil icon on the right of each name, and add a new order at the bottom of the menu.

Add an Album

Add an Album

Choosing Add Album will bring up this window.  You will have a drop down menu of all the albums currently designed in the project (perfect for adding a parent's album to the parent's order, main album to bride and groom's, etc).

You also have the option of adding an album that will be designed later, for example if your client would like to add a small photo book for the flower girl.  You can add that album to the order and finish the actual design later.

There is also an area for inputting notes, quantity, and price.

Click Add and the album will be added to your order form!

Adding a Print

Adding a Print

There are a wide range of options when adding a print, starting with setting your default labs by clicking the pencil icon by the material drop down.

Because we give the option of using multiple labs within an order, you'll want to set your default lab for each type of print.  Because not all labs offer every material, you may have to set a variety of default companies.  Only the labs with that material available will be an option in the specific drop down menu.

Make sure to Save!

When choosing a Canvas specifically, the size chosen will update the green square within the image preview.  This is your guide for what will be shown on the front of the canvas.  Beyond the green line is what will be wrapped around the side, and the fainter red area around the edge is your cut line.

For Print, Metal, Acrylic, and Wood options there will still be a cut line based on the specifications provided by the lab.

The sliders under your preview will give the option to zoom in on the image chosen and rotate it if necessary.

Clicking Add will add the print to your order form!

Adding Custom Items

Adding Custom Items

If your studio offers items not provided within Fundy Designer (for example, photo boxes or a DVD slideshow), you can add this item with the price as a Custom item.

Click Add to include in the order form!

Once a custom has been added to your order form, you can drag an image from the image well to the order form.

Updated Order

Updated Order

Your order will be automatically updating as you add items.

Clicking View Order will bring up your Order Builder PDF

Order Builder

The items added through the Orders tab will be included in the Order Builder PDF.  You will be able to add a Date and your Client's Name.

If you have already added a logo through the Gallery Designer Settings menu, this will appear.  If you need to add one you can click the "Studio Logo" space and a Finder window will open.

After all the items have been listed, you have the option to edit the Discount and Tax amounts.  This will automatically update the Total.

Any legal information that was added in the Gallery Designer Settings menu will appear.  You can also add it to the PDF at this point.

When everything has been included in the Order Builder, you can choose to Save the order, or to Export the PDF.

Video Tutorial

Watch it live, here!

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