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Creating A Project

In this article, we will go over how to create a new project 

Once logged in, or an account is created, there will be a prompt to choose a design. You’ll either select a previous project you’ve already created, or you can create a new one. 

To create a new project, either drag and drop images into the box or click Browse Photos to add images.

*Please note that there is a max of 12 images that can be uploaded here. If more are selected, only the first 12 will be uploaded

*A max of 6 additional images (for a total of 18) can be uploaded from the image sidebar once a project has been created 



Once images have been loaded, the Projects Details page will load



1. Project Name: Enter your project name. This is required

2 and 3. Panel 1 and Panel 2 Text: Stories and Carousels will have 5 design areas. The Panel 1 text will show on the first and Panel 2 text will show on the third. This text will only appear if a template is selected that has placeholder text

4. End Panel text: Enter your End Panel text if desired. This text will only appear if a template is selected that has placeholder text 

5. Photographer Logo: Upload logos here. Single click on the one you want to select for use in the project. The selected logo will appear on templates with a logo placeholder


After project details have been entered, scroll to the bottom and click Next




You’ll then be prompted to select a story template. If only a carousel is needed, there is an option to “Skip” near the top right



After a story template has been selected (or skipped), the option to choose a carousel template will be next



Once the story and/or carousel templates have been selected, single click the story or carousel to begin editing



For more detailed assistance, please reach out to our support team!


Images courtesy of © Robert J Hill

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