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Text Toolbar

In this article, we will go over all the tools to edit text

The Toolbar

The toolbar for text will be displayed at the top when a text box is selected



  1. Text Box Creation: Drag and drop your desired text font onto your story or carousel. The font can be changed later
  2. Font Options: Use the drop down to select a font
  3. Font Size: Adjust the font size
  4. Text Color: Adjust text color
  5. Bold: Bold text 
  6. Underline: Underline text
  7. Italicize: Italicize text
  8. Text Justification: Options for super justified, left, right, and center justification
  9. Opacity: Adjust the opacity of the text box
  10. Duplicate: Duplicate the text box with the current settings 
  11. Layer Placement: Adjust the layering by moving up, down, to the front, or to the back


Text Box Creation

To create a text box, first scroll to the desired text font (this can be adjusted later) in the black sidebar, then drag and drop to the desired location on the story or carousel.



Font Options

Click the dropdown and scroll through the options to select the desired font.



Font Size

Use the + and - buttons to adjust the size of the font. You can also click in and type the font size needed. Font size can also be changed by grabbing a corner of the text box and resizing.

Grabbing the sides, top, or bottom of the text box will adjust the text box to reveal more or less text but not increase/decrease the size of the text.



Text Color

Select the color tool to adjust the text color. A Hex code may also be inputted.




Bold text by selecting this option. Ctrl/Cmd + B will also bold text. The icon will highlight when text is bolded.




Underline text by selecting this option. Ctrl/Cmd + U will also underline text. The icon will highlight when text is underlined.




Italicize text by selecting this option. Ctrl/Cmd + I will also italicize text. The icon will highlight when text is italicized.



Text Justification

Click here for options to justify text. Choose from super justified, left, center, and right justification.



Change the Opacity for the text by selecting the Opacity tool and adjusting the slider.




The Duplicate button will make an exact copy of the text box you have selected. Move or adjust this duplicate as desired.



Layer Placement

Select the Layers icon to move text boxes up, down, to the top, or to the bottom.

  • Move to Top: Text box will be placed as the top layer
  • Move Up: Text box will be moved one layer up
  • Move Down: Text box will be moved one layer down
  • Move to Bottom: Text box will be placed as the bottom layer


Tutorial Videos

See how to design projects in these videos:

If you have any other questions, please reach out to our support team!


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