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Shapes Toolbar

This article will go over the tools that can be used in the Social Design App for shapes to design the perfect layout. 

The Toolbar

The toolbar for Shapes will be displayed at the top when a shape is selected. 


  1. Stroke Weight & Color: Adjust the stroke width and color around images

  2. Shape Color: Adjust the color of the shape

  3. Opacity: Adjust the opacity of the shape

  4. Duplicate: Duplicate the shape

  5. Drop Shadow: Toggle a drop shadow on and off for the shape

  6. Layer Placement: Adjust the layering by moving up, down, to the front, or to the back

  7. Delete Image or Drop Zone: Delete the shape

Adding Shapes

To add a shape, drag a shape from the Shape Well onto the canvas area. 



Select the Stoke tool to adjust the weight of the stroke line as well as the color. A Hex code may also be inputted below.



Select the Shape Color icon to change the color of the shape. A Hex code may also be inputted below.



Change the Opacity for the shape by selecting the Opacity tool and adjusting the slider.



The Duplicate button will make an exact copy of the shape you have selected. Move or adjust this duplicate as desired. 


Drop Shadow

Use the Drop Shadow icon to toggle a drop shadow on and off for that shape. 



Select the Layers icon to move shapes up, down, to the top, or to the bottom.

  • Move to Top: Shape will be placed as the top layer
  • Move Up: Shape will be moved one layer up
  • Move Down: Shape will be moved one layer down
  • Move to Bottom: Shape will be placed as the bottom layer



The Delete icon can delete a shape. To delete a shape, select that shape, then select the delete icon. 


See Shapes being used in this tutorial:


For more detailed assistance, please reach out to our support team!


Images courtesy of © Robert J Hill






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