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Elements Toolbar

This article will go over how to use the Elements toolbar to adjust your design. 

Elements Toolbar

This is the toolbar seen when selecting an element.


  1. Crop/Zoom Elements: Adjust zoom on the element currently selected
  2. Aspect Ratios: Choose from Native or Free aspect ratios for the element 
  3. Duplicate: Duplicate the element
  4. Layer Placement: Adjust the layering by moving up, down, to the front, or to the back
  5. Delete Element: Delete an element by selecting this icon

Adding Elements

To add elements, drag them from the Elements Well onto the canvas.


Crop and Zoom Elements

Select the Crop/Zoom Elements tool and then adjust the slider and element to the desired crop.


Aspect Ratios

There are two options for aspect ratios while using elements; Free and Native.


The Native aspect ratio will keep the element fully visible and the same ratio as when it was created. 



The Free aspect ratio will adjust the elements sizing based on the size of the drop zone. 



The Duplicate button will make an exact copy of the Element you have selected. Move or adjust this duplicate as desired. 


Layer Placement

Select the Layers icon to move Elements up, down, to the top, or to the bottom.

  • Move to Top: Element will be placed as the top layer
  • Move Up: Element will be moved one layer up
  • Move Down: Element will be moved one layer down
  • Move to Bottom: Element will be placed as the bottom layer


Delete Element

To delete an element, select the element and then select the delete icon.


See the Elements toolbar in these tutorial videos:


For more detailed assistance, please reach out to our support team!


Images courtesy of © Robert J Hill


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