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Slideshow Options

This manual will go over some slideshow specific features:

  1. The difference between a slideshow reel and post
  2. Adding images to panels
  3. Slideshow timing
  4. Previewing slides
  5. Previewing slideshow exports

What is the difference between a Slideshow Reel and a Slideshow Post?

Slideshow Reels are formatted as 9:16 vertical for all social media platforms. Post slideshows are formatted as 3:2 ratio for your social media posts. 


Adding images to slideshow panels

Adding images to your slideshows works a little different than the Drop Zones used in Stories and Carousels. For slideshows, there are three different layout options or panels to design. Simply drag/drop images on top of each other to add new slides to your slideshow.

For example, the first two panels could be designed to show the session theme and some example images, while the third panel could be for your studio logo and other info. 



Adjusting slideshow timing

There are two options to adjust your slideshow timing: 

  1. Match song rhythm: If there is a song you plan on using for your slideshow, you can look up the beats per minute, or BPM, and add that here. You will also be able to adjust for how many beats you want each slide to show for
  2. Set slide length directly: Simply input how many seconds you want each slide to show for 



Previewing slides

Easily preview the slides for each image Drop Zone by selecting an image, and clicking on this icon. You will then be able to rearrange the image order or delete images as necessary




Previewing Slideshow Exports

To preview your slideshow exports, select the play button at the top of your design



See it in action here!

For more detailed assistance, please reach out to our support team!


Images courtesy of © Robert J Hill

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