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General Troubleshooting

This manual will go over some general troubleshooting tips if the website or app crashes, is lagging, or if you are experiencing other issues.



If you are experiencing trouble on the Social Design App website:

  1. Hold Shift + "R" to refresh the page
  2. Chrome is the only browser currently supported. Please make sure you are on the most up to date version. Do this by clicking on the three vertical dots in the top right corner > settings, then searching for "update" and following any prompts 1.jpg2.jpg
  3. If you have any ad-blockers installed on chrome, we recommend temporarily uninstalling those. You can manage your extensions by clicking on this icon > Manage Extensions3.jpg
  4. Another thing that may help is clearing the site data. To do this, click on the little lock icon by the url > Site Settings > Delete Data. Once you do that, open the Social Design App in a new tab 4.jpg5.jpg

Mobile App

If you are experiencing trouble on the Social Design App mobile app, please try the following:

  1. Completely close out the app and re-open
  2. If it has been a while, try restarting your phone, as that can sometimes cause fringe issues
  3. Uninstall/reinstall the app. *NOTE* Your projects are stored locally when using the mobile app. If you delete the app, your projects will also be deleted



If you are still experiencing trouble, please contact support and someone from our team will be happy to help troubleshoot! 

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