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Getting your Album Proof or Pick Gallery to your client is as easy as copy and paste.


To share an album proof, click on the Design Proofs tab. You will then see your uploaded proofs.


1) Link to share with your client: providing this link allows the client to view the album and then access the comments page.

** Select this link and copy it (you can right click on it to copy it). This is the link you would send to your client via email, etc.

2) Direct Access to Comments section: this link will direct your client directly to the comments page, bypassing the Flip Book.

3) Link for client to share with friends: this link provides access to the Flip Book ONLY, ensuring that clients' friends or people on Facebook do not add any comments to the album.

Flip Book View

Comments View

The client can add comments by clicking the comments bubble. They can also choose to approve, note changes to be made, or remove the spread.

When a client clicks the comment bubble, a box will pop up for them to add their comment. They can move this box to the area on the spread they are commenting on.

Once the client has entered their comment, they click save to save it.

Submitting a Proof

Once your clients are finished with their requests for changes, they can submit their album by clicking on the "Finished" button from the top right corner. You will then receive an email notifying that your client has submitted the proof.  

Images ©Dark Roux Photography

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