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Why can't I move images around with my Wacom tablet?

You can use your Wacom tablet with Fundy Designer.

*NOTE* We are working with Wacom to figure out a way to consistently use the pen tablet within Drop Zones, as this has been an issue for some photographers. The following information will help ensure you have updated drivers and show you how to reset your tablet preferences. We will update the manuals when we have any additional information from Wacom.

Most of the time, if you are having issues not being able to move a Drop Zone or any other feature in our software, it's simply because you need to update your Wacom tablet drivers.

Visit this link to download the latest version of Wacom drivers for your tablet:

Still unable to move images within a Drop Zone?

Still unable to move images within a Drop Zone?

If you are still unable to move images within a Drop Zone with your Wacom tablet and pen you may need to reset your Wacom preference data.

Access your Applications folder and select the Wacom Tablet folder. Inside that folder, launch the Wacom Tablet Utility application.

In the Wacom Tablet Utility preferences, click on the radio button for All Users and then click the Remove button.

Once that is done, quit the Wacom Tablet Utility application and reset your app database in Fundy Designer.

To reset your Fundy Designer app database*, follow the steps outlined in this article

*Please note this will log you out of Fundy Designer and that you will need to accept the license agreement and log in again with your registered email and password.


Your Wacom tablet and pen should now work.

We have been working closely with Wacom and have tested their products on both Mac and Windows with our software. When you are working with moving images inside a Drop Zone there may be some lag, so we suggest moving your images slowly. If you are having issues and these steps don't help, please submit a support ticket so we can help troubleshoot your specific issue.

Our final recommendation is specifically if you're having issues panning or moving images; if you can go into the preferences again, then change the "Mapping" option from "pen mode" to "mouse mode."

Additionally, Wacom has noted that pen operation does work if the pen button function is set to 'Click' and the pen is put into 'Mouse mode' (from the table preferences utility Mapping tab); in other words, when the pen is set to emulate PC mouse behavior.

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