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Why are my images rotated?

When you import images into Fundy Designer®, the orientation of the image is determined by the metadata embedded in the original image file. This usually only happens if you import your images straight from your camera into Fundy Designer.

If the orientation is incorrect once imported into Fundy Designer, you can re-process images through an image processor such as Bridge or Lightroom. This will generally correct the issue.

You can read this blog post on using Lightroom. When exporting from Lightroom, make sure to include all metadata in your images. Stripping images of their metadata may be the cause of them showing as rotated or missing in exports


If you are more familiar with Photoshop, follow these steps: 

1) Open Photoshop and go to: File > Scripts > Image Processor.

2) Within Image Processor, the first step is to select the folder containing your images. The next step, to export them as JPEGs into a new folder (Note: do not use special characters in folder name)

3) Use the new set of photos instead of the ones you were using previously to ensure the correct image rotation is saved. To do this, go back into the project in Fundy, then go to Images > Re-Sync Images from the top menu of the software and select the newly created folder, then click Open to re-sync.

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