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Setting up an Album Project

New Project

We are going over creating a new Fundy Designer project with an Album subproject. When opening Fundy Designer, the Dashboard will appear. From this Dashboard, select New Project


A dialog box will pop up after that for you to name your project, and you can select Browse to decide on this projects save location. The default location for each project is your Documents folder.

Importing Images

When importing images. there are a few options you will have: adding a folder of images, dragging and dropping images, or adding 1+ images within your file explorer. 


Importing images by going to Images > Add Images to Project in the top navigation bar will upload an entire folder of images.

If Add Photos is selected from the top of the Image Well, you can add 1 or more photos from within a location.

Images may also be dragged and dropped into the image well for import.

Tip: You can save yourself a lot of future frustration if all of your project files are located in the same folder. Try to avoid folders with sub-folders. All images also need unique file names, so having all images in one folder helps prevent one photo replacing another when re-syncing.

Create an Album Subproject

To create an Album Builder Subproject, select the Album Builder icon followed by New Album


Select Lab

After this, you'll select your lab and see the templates we have available for that lab. We have a list of our lab partners here. We also have different types of lab partners; Premium Direct Lab PartnersPremium Global Partners, Album + Cover Template Partners, and Additional Lab Partners.


If you don't see your lab listed, you can also contact them for the specifications for the album and create a Custom Album Size.


Select Book Line

The next step is the Book Line options for that for that lab. For more information about these different options, visit the Lab's website. 


Select Album Size

The next step will show the available sizes for that book line.


Select Cover

On the Cover tab, there will be cover templates if available for that specific album. If we do not supply cover templates for that album, you can choose No Cover, Custom Cover, or upload a Cover Template supplied by your lab. More about custom covers can be found here.


Review Selections

At this stage, review the selections chosen at each step. Below the selections you can choose to customize the album instead. After naming the album, select Create Album.


Customize Albums

When customizing an album there are two choices: Spreads only or Spreads + Single First/Last. Choose the desired design and input the sizes and DPI you would like.


Custom Cover

The next custom step will be the cover. In this case, No Cover was selected. You can also choose a custom cover size, or upload a jpg or png template provided to you by your lab. It's important to not upload the image you want on the cover as the template, as the template will not be exported with the album.  You can see more about custom covers here.


Editing an Album Subproject

These settings can be adjusted at any time by selecting the pencil in the top left. Layouts can change when sizing is adjusted, so we recommend making a copy of your album and adjusting that.


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