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 You may need to change details associated with your Legacy Design Proofer account. Access your settings in order to make these adjustments.

Accessing Settings

Accessing Settings

You can access your Legacy Design Proofer Settings by clicking the Settings link in the top right of your dashboard.


Under settings, choose:

1. Admin Name: for your use only

2. Admin Email: where all auto emails from Proofer are sent

3. Admin Website: where users will go when they click on your logo

Proofing Agreement

Customize your album agreement and enable or disable it in your Proofer Agreement settings. When enabled, your client must agree to your Proofing Agreement in order to proof their album. This is recommended. You have the option to change the appearance of your agreement. You can read more about album agreements and why we recommend them here.

Restrict the Number of Changes

The Max Number of Changes is another feature in Fundy Design Proofer. Use this setting to restrict your client to a set number of changes per revision. Just like the Proofing Agreement, you can customize your max limit and agreement, and enable or disable this feature.

Change Your Password

You can change your password here. Enter your new password and select "Save Settings".

Client Prompts


The Client Prompts feature allows you to enter custom messages that will appear after the 'Approve Design' or 'Finished' button is clicked by your client. The Design Approval prompt comes up when the 'Approve Design' button is clicked from the flipbook view. This will approve the entire album as-is.

However, if your client has requested changes and clicked the 'Finished' button, they will get the Auto Approve prompt. To help cutdown on confusion, we recommend customizing this prompt to let your client know that by clicking 'Finished' their feedback will be submitted to you.


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