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Quick Design Picker™

The Quick Design Picker provides a simple way to choose from dozens of designs.

Accessing Quick Design Picker

Select the Quick Design Picker icon next to the spread you want to edit to bring up the Quick Design Picker window for that spread.

Quick Design Picker View

Once the Quick Design Picker opens, you'll find several designs to choose from for that particular spread. The auto generated design combinations are based on the images in your spread.

1. RESET: You can scroll through pages of optional designs by clicking the RESET button on the bottom left or clicking the arrows at the left and right hand sides of the page.

2. SHUFFLE IMAGES: Shuffle your images within the designs presented.

3. FLIP DESIGN HORIZONTALLY: Clicking this icon will swap the Drop Zones in the auto generated designs horizontally. For example, if there is a design featuring a main image on the left, it will switch the main image to the right.

Keep in mind this will not swap the images within a single Drop Zone.

Shuffle an Individual Design

If you like the basic idea of a layout, but want to see other options for that particular design, hover over the design you like and click one of the arrows to the left or right of that design. This will show you additional options while maintaining the integrity of the original design.

Once you find the design you like, simply click the design and your chosen design will be applied.

Keep in mind that you can customize any design once it's selected. It's important to choose an auto design based on the layout concept. The relationship of size and image grouping that best reflects your vision for that spread. You can always swap photos around and fine tune the design later.


The Fill options ensure the images fill the entire Drop Zone in the auto generated designs.

The non fill options will fit the entire image (original proportion) in the Drop Zone for auto generated designs.

Click the 3:2 ratio tab to change the images in the auto design to a 3:2 ratio.

Click the 1:1 ratio tab to make the images in the auto designs a square proportion.


Close Quick Design Picker

Click the black X to close Quick Design Picker window. If you have not selected any of the auto generated design, then closing this out will not affect your current spread. It does however, clear out your history states, so the undo and redo options will be reset.

Video Tutorial

Want to see it in action?  Check out the Video Tutorial for Drop Zones and Quick Design Picker here!

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