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Designer View

The detailed view to see and work with one spread at a time is referred to as Designer View. This is the place to refine designs and experience creative freedom!

Switching to Designer View

From Planner View, click the View icon at the top right corner. Switch to Designer View by double-clicking on a single spread. Power users can use the keyboard shortcut 'v' to quickly toggle back and forth between Planner and Designer Views.

Designer View Explained

Designer View works with a single spread, which allows focusing on that individual spread.

Smart Guides

When designing a custom spread, Drop Zones have always snapped to other Drop Zones and the guides on a page. But sometimes it's hard to see how Drop Zones are aligning to other elements on the page. This is why Designer View has smart guides that pop into view when things align. While moving a Drop Zone a blue line appears whenever it aligns with another element on the page. 


Grid Lines

For an even more precise alignment, Grid Lines can be used as a reference. This allows for more personalized custom image layout options. Toggle Grid Lines on and off under View > Toggle Grid Lines, as in the image above or by using keyboard shortcut 'g'.

Grid Line spacing can be adjusted under View > Setup Grid Lines, as seen below.

Default gridline spacing is set to .25 inches, but this can be adjusted to your personal preference at any time.

Designer View Options

1. Add Spread: This will add a new spread to the album after the current spread.

2. View: Clicking the View icon will go back to the Planner View from the Designer View.

3. Forward/Back Navigation: Navigate forward and back through spreads. The navigation arrows are on the left and right hand sides of the view.

Designer View Tools


1. High Resolution Loupe: The high resolution loupe allows previews of the print resolution of the image. This is especially important if you are ordering your album through Fundy Direct. Learn more about the high resolution loupe here.

2. Flip Horizontally: Clicking this will flip the spread's Drop Zones horizontally.

3. Text Tool: Clicking this allows placing and manipulating custom text. Learn more about using the text tool here.

4. Color Block: Clicking this will create a color block that you can manipulate on the spread.

5. Background Color: Clicking this allows changing the background color of the spread.

6. Pin Design: Clicking this will save design concepts for later use in current or future projects.

7. Toggle Guides: Clicking this icon will toggle the Cut/Safe Zone guides on and off. Or turn guides off using the G key or going to View > Toggle Guides. If turned off, please make sure to review the album spreads before ordering!

8. Layouts: Clicking this will give access to My Designs (pinned design concepts),Signing Books (predesigned spreads optimized for guest signing books) and Album Layouts featuring Quick Design Picker in which to choose from a selection of auto designs based on the images in the spread. Please click here for more information on the Quick Design Picker.

Video Tutorial

Want to see it in action?  Take a look at this video!

Images ©Danny Dong Photography

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