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Background Images and Patterns

Professional Background Patterns


There are a number of professional background options, with more being added all the time. Not only are the backgrounds beautiful, they are extremely easy to use. Access the patterns by clicking on the dots icon above the image well.  


To add a background to a spread, simply drag that background onto the spread.

Patterns On All Pages


To add a background to all pages in an album, simply double-click on that design and it’s instantly added to all the pages in the album. Or right-click the pattern and choose "Apply pattern to all pages" from the contextual menu.

Background Pattern Opacity


Change the opacity of a background pattern by going into the single spread view and selecting the background. Then use the shortcut: Command/Ctrl + Number keys 1-9 and 0 to change opacity.

Remove Patterns


If a background has been applied to all spreads on accident, remove the background from all spreads by right-clicking the pattern in the pane and selecting "Remove patterns from all pages".

Importing Custom Background Patterns

You can actually create and import your own background patterns! The process to import backgrounds is the same as for PNGs and images.

1. Select the background pattern icon above your image well

2. Simply drag and drop your pattern into the image well

Making a Background Image

Any image in the design or image well can be a background image by right-clicking on it. From the contextual menu, choose to remove the image or make it the background image.

There are the same Drop Zone controls on the background image as are on normal designs.

1. Opacity

2. Zoom

3. Tilt

In this design, the background is white, so changing the opacity of the background image makes it light. If the background color of the pages is changed to black (using the background color control) when lowering the opacity, there will be a dark, moody background image.

Quick Design Picker and Backgrounds


When opening the Quick Design Picker, the background image stays intact while the rest of the images move around.

Images ©Danny Dong Photography

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