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The Tag Options tab on the right side will allow you to tag individual images and group them together.

Clicking the Arrow, or double clicking the "Tag Options" will collapse the well for more viewing space.

Favorite Images

Clicking the Heart in the Tagging menu will set the selected image as a Favorite.  You can do this with each individually, or with multiple images selected.

Clicking the Heart again will remove the Favorite status.

Star Ratings

Assigning a Star ratings can also be done both individually or with a group of selected images.

Clicking the same star again will remove a rating.

Tagging for Type of Image

Your first tagging options are for placement preferences, if the image should be used as a Main image on a page, the Cover, or as a Panorama across the spread.

This can be done with images individually or when selected as a group.

Clicking the preference again will remove the designation.


Selecting multiple images together and choosing the "Group" option will link these images together.  These images will always be group together on a spread, dragging just one will bring them all.  This will apply in Auto Design as well.

Custom Tags

The other tagging option is to use the default tags we have provided, or to edit them for your own common use.

Edit Custom Tags

Edit Custom Tags

First, choose the kind of event you are designing for.

Once the default tags are given, clicking the pencil on the right side will give you the option of changing the tags.  Clicking the pencil again when you're done will save the tags.

To apply or erase a tag on an image, simply click on the image and click on the tag in question.

Tags can be used when filtering images in the Image Well as well as in Auto Design.


Organization tips are here!

Have a high quantity of images from a single event?  Consider creating the album in volumes, this tutorial can help and show how to use tags to expedite the process.

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