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How to Order Your Direct Album

Check Album Requirements:

When you are ready to place your Direct album order, the first thing you'll want to do is confirm that your page count requirements are correct. This will change depending on the album company you are using. In this example, we need between 20 and 100 pages (in increments of 10). The current design has 20 pages. Since this is within the requirements, we are ready to order!


Ready To Order:

Beginning the Direct order process is as simple as clicking! You have two ways to start the order process.

1) You can click the shopping cart ORDER icon.

2) You can click the Export icon and select the shopping cart Order icon.

Review Album:

Review Album

First you will review your album and make sure the lab, book line, album size, cover and page count is correct. Then click Next to continue.

Verify Album:

Verify Album

Next, an album verification process (preflight check) will automatically run. This will automatically check that your album company data is up to date, check your page counts against the album company specifications, check to make sure the full resolution images are synced, confirm your Album Builder license and finally sync with the Direct server to upload your album order.

Note: You are not required to own a Fundy Designer license to order with Direct. You may, however, incur an additional service fee with your order.

Create Print Files:

Create Print Files

Fundy Designer will then create your album spread images and prepare the files to upload to the Direct server for ordering.



The final step is to click the either take an opportunity to review your design once more or click the "Upload" button which will launch the Fundy Direct Upload Manager where you will complete your album order.

Upload Manager:

Upload Manager

Complete Order:

Complete Order

To complete your order, click the "Complete Order" button after the files have finished uploading. This will launch the Direct shopping cart where you will select your finishing options and specify your shipping preferences as well as pay for your album. It's that easy!

Sort Orders:

Sort Orders

Note: Your album will not be ordered and placed into production until you finish the order process. If you never click the "Complete Order" button, your album is held in queue in the Upload Manager. Once you complete the order by finishing the shopping cart checkout, your order will be sent to the lab.

Check Orders:

My Orders

You can access your orders at any time within Fundy Designer under the "Client Orders > Direct Orders" menu.

Note: If you accidentally choose to order the current album again (before the album order was completed), you'll receive a notification that it was uploaded, but not completed.

You can choose to submit a new order if you've made revisions to the album between the time you originally started the order process or you can cancel and open the Upload Manager to complete your album order.

To order multiple copies of the same album, complete your order again. Each order will need to be submitted individually.

Video Tutorial:

Check out this great tutorial on ordering through Fundy Direct!

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