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Start a New Project Set

To start a new Blog Collage project, you can either create a new project or a sub-project of an existing project. Your project most likely refers to your client or event. For example "Smith Wedding" or "Johnson Portrait."

*Please note that one collage can't contain more than 15 photos, and more than 20 collages within a sub-project can cause the software to crash on export due to memory limitations.

Add New Project

To start a new project and work in Blog Collage, click New Project on startup of the software OR File > New Project. The New Project pop up will appear.

1. Name your project.

2. Browse or enter the location where you want your project saved. If you don't want to change this, your project will automatically save in your Documents folder.

3. Proceed by clicking Next or Cancel.

Choose Your Design Module

Once you have created your project, you will be prompted to choose which module you would like to use for design, in this case, Blog Collage.

New Collage

New Collage

By clicking the Blog Collage icon, you will be able to see any other collages you have created previously (in the case of a new project, such as this one, there are none). Click New Collage to start your subproject.

Name Your Collage

Name Your Collage

Enter the name for your collage and click OK to proceed to designing or Cancel to exit.

Importing Images

Name your project, then click "Add Photos" to choose a folder of images to import, or you can drag a folder of images into the image well.

Fundy Designer imports smaller resolution proxy images into the project file. We do this for a couple reasons:

  • It makes everything run extremely fast.
  • It makes your projects portable.

Once your images are imported into a project, you can disconnect from the external drive or server and keep designing. You only need to reconnect to your full resolution source images when you want to export your project.

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