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Planner View

We refer to the screen where you can view all of the galleries you have designed as Planner View. This is where you will do most of your quick designing of your rooms. Dragging and dropping groups of images to quickly plan out your room design.

Since the Gallery Designer module defaults to Designer View when you start a new subproject, you will need to switch views. You can quickly switch views by clicking the View icon in the upper right corner or by using keyboard shortcut 'v'.

Get started by first adding a room to the gray spread with an Add Image icon. This is where you'll drag-and-drop images to build a new room design. Each time you drag-and-drop images to this blank room, the program will then auto populate a new, blank room after it.

Adding Rooms

You can add as many rooms as you like by simply dragging and dropping the room image on the "add images" spread. The spread with the Add Image icon allows you to continue adding additional rooms to your gallery at any time, but only your designed and selected rooms will export.

Adding Images

Now that we have added a few rooms, we can select images and drag them to the room. This will build a new auto designed Drop Zone based on the images that are placed.

Renaming Rooms

Rooms are numbered by default. However, you can change the name of any room by simply clicking the text box above the room and typing in your room name.

Selecting Rooms

You can select the rooms you would like to order by clicking the check mark in the upper right hand corner of each room. You will have an opportunity to review and/or change your selections when you export.

Planner View Tools

Use the Planner View tools to arrange your rooms as well as adjust their given designs.

When you select a room you'll find the Planner View tools appear to the right. Use these tools to do the following things:

1. Move Tool: This will move and organize your rooms within the gallery. Simply select the tab and drag the room to rearrange the rooms.

2. Shuffle Images: This tab will shuffle the images within the design while maintaining its current design.

3. Shuffle Design: This tab will shuffle through all the possible auto design outcomes depending on the number of images in the room as well as the image ratio/rotation.

4. Quick Design Picker: Clicking this will pop up a new screen with a group of auto design combos you may choose from.

5. Delete Spread: Clicking the 'X' simply deletes the selected room.

Move Tool

With the Move Tool selected you can move the room freely within Planner View. Other rooms will shift over and adjust to the changes as needed. Unlike in Album Builder, your room numbers or names won't change when you move your room options. This is done purposefully to maintain the name you gave to your room.

Shuffle Design

The Shuffle Design tool will shuffle through several different auto designs. Click the Shuffle Design tool icon (shown above) to shuffle through different auto designs.

Shuffle Images

Shuffle Images

The Shuffle Images tool will shuffle and re-arrange the images while retaining the given design. You'll find the Shuffle Images tool located here (see above). Simply click the icon.

Delete Room

Delete Room

If you'd like to delete a room, hover your mouse over that room to bring up the toolbar. Clicking the X icon will delete that room.

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