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Designer View

When you start a new Gallery Designer project, Designer View opens by default, already populated with one of the stock room backgrounds.

Designer View

Above is the room that populates upon starting a new project in Gallery Designer. You can quickly switch the room background by clicking on the Rooms icon below the design area, then dragging another room to the design area.

Swap Rooms

Drag the room to the design area and the background will swap.

Designer View Options

At the top of the Designer View is a menu with options.

1. New Design: This will add a new room consecutively after the current room. The same room background will populate your new room.

2. View: Clicking the View icon will take you back to the Planner View from the Designer View.

3. Forward/Back Navigation: Navigate forward and back through your galleries. You can also move forward and back by using your left and right arrow keys.

Designer View Tools

Just above your spread is another toolbar.

1. Layouts: Clicking this will give you access gallery options and My Designs (pinned design concepts) featuring our Quick Design Picker in which you can choose from a selection of auto designs based on the images in your spread. Please click HERE for more information on the Quick Designer Picker.

2. Shuffle Design: This icon will shuffle through preset design options from the Quick Design Picker.

3. Pin Design: Clicking this will save your design concept for later use in current or future projects.

4. Apply BW or Sepia Filter: This will allow you to apply one of 3 Black & White or Sepia filters (including a Contrast slider) to all the images in the Drop Zone.

5. Calculator: View and set product pricing.

6. Calibration: Preview the wall art at actual size.

7. Actual Size: Allows you to zoom to the view to the images. Editing will be disabled in this mode

Image Type

In the upper left of the view, you will see your Image Type options. Click the left drop down menu to choose the type of art you are designing. Remember, the options presented are based on the offerings of your chosen lab. If you choose a canvas, you will need to also choose whether you want a color wrap or an image wrap. If you choose a color wrap, click on the color box and choose the color for your wrap.

Actual Size

This feature is especially important for in-person sessions, as it allows you to calibrate your software on the wall. The clients will be able to see the design projected in actual size!

Note: If no wall art has been chosen yet, this feature will show up blank as a black screen.


Once you click the Calibration icon, the calibration tool will appear.

Measure the length of the orange line and enter it in inches and/or cm to calibrate. Then click Done.


The calculator icon in the upper right will show you the the pricing for the room in view. Make sure you input your pricing prior to your client session so that this information is accurate. To learn more about entering your pricing information, click here.

Changing Room Names

The rooms will be numbered by default. However, you can easily change the name of your rooms by clicking the default room name and typing in the name of your choosing.

Choosing a Room for Print

You can select to print a room from Designer View. Simply click on the check mark in the upper right hand corner of your design.

Images ©Danny Dong Photography

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