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Calculator and Invoice

Pricing Calculator

To enter your pricing, begin by clicking the pricing calculator icon in the upper right hand corner. This will bring up the Product Totals popup.

Product Totals

Product Totals

You will need to input your pricing prior to meeting with your clients. To do this, click Edit Pricing in the Product Totals popup.

Edit Pricing

1. Search Tool

If you only offer specific sizes for prints or if you need to locate a particular size, you can enter that size to locate that size faster, rather than scrolling through the selection. Simply enter the size you are trying to locate, then click on the text box to enter your pricing.

2. Choose Your Lab

Click the drop down menu to choose your lab. If your lab isn't listed, you can choose the Default Sizes option.

3. Select Your Print Type

Click on the drop down menu to go to each type of print. Most likely, your prices vary between canvas, metal and wood prints. You will need to enter prices for each size in each medium.

4. Enter Pricing

Verify that your Currency Symbol is correct. Then enter your pricing. Simply click on the text box and type in the numerical value. Many photographers offer tiered options based on finishes. If you offer this, make sure you fill out all tiered options.

Once finished, make sure to click Save, then Ok to return to the design view.

Create Your Layouts

Once you have created your layout, you can click the calculator icon again to see the total cost of the room as designed.

Product Totals Completed

Product Totals Completed

Your print sizes will appear in the popup, along with the tier for each print and the individual and total cost for all prints.

*Note: This is NOT suggested pricing.

Multiple Images

Multiple Images

If your canvas has multiple images, you can click on the icon next to the price (with the three dots) to see the image file details.

Client Invoice Form

We worked with Design Aglow to provide you with a Client Invoice Form that you can use during your live sale sessions. To access this form, click My Orders > Client Invoice Form. This will direct you to the online PDF available for print.

Invoice Form PDF

Invoice Form PDF

You can access the PDF for the order form here.

Images ©Danny Dong Photography

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