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The View dropdown has a lot of very helpful options to make your design and selling processes even more efficient and effective. Here is a walk through the view options.


You will find the View dropdown in the menu bar at the top of your software screen. Click View to see all of the options.

Toggle File Names


File Names will appear on your images in the image well and on your images in the design. You can toggle file names on and off by going to View > Toggle File Names or by using keyboard shortcut 'n'.

Toggle Warnings


The yellow triangle warnings in Fundy Designer serve as a reminder to review your images prior to printing to make sure that the resolution is high enough and the image will not appear soft or pixelated. You can toggle these warnings off by going to View > Toggle Warnings.

Toggle Guides


In Gallery Designer, this feature is only available in Canvas View as that is the only view where guides are visible. The green line shows where your wrap begins and the red line is where your image will be cut or folded over and not visible. These guides are most important for image wraps. You can toggle these guides off by going to Help > Toggle Guides or by using keyboard shortcut 'g'.

Toggle Visible Sizes


By default, your print sizes are listed at the bottom of each image in your design space. You can toggle the visible sizes on and off by clicking View > Toggle Visible Sizes or by using keyboard shortcut 's'.

Pro tip: Toggle the sizes off prior to meeting with your client. This will help them visualize the space better without worrying about the size/cost of each print.

Filter Thumbnails


You can choose to filter thumbnails by clicking on the FILTER icon at the bottom left of your screen.

Filter Options


You have the freedom to decide how your images appear in the image well. You can show images by rating, favorite status, image placement, all images, only the images used in your subproject or only the images unused in the subproject. You can also choose multiple filter options or none at all.

Sort Thumbnails


You have the option to sort the thumbnails in your image well by date, file name, rating, favorite status, or story. You can choose to sort thumbnails by using the SORT menu at the bottom left of your screen.

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