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Intro to Export

When you are ready to export your album, there are a lot of choices available. We realize you may want to know more about Export basics.

Some things to know about Export:

- It is not available in Trial mode. You can, however, order an album through Fundy Direct with one of our Fundy Direct Partner Labs for a small fee.

- The exports are in JPG format unless you choose Export to PSD, which are then exported as a layered PSD file with your images embedded as Smart Objects.

- When exporting for Print or as Splits, the exports will be the selected size and full resolution.

- When exporting for the Web or Proofer, the exports will be the selected size and 72 dpi.

- The color profile for your export can be selected on export for print or PSD.

- Once you export, you send to the lab of your choice using their ordering system, typically ROES.

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