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Export for Print

Once the album is finished and ready to export, click the export icon and choose to Export for Print.


Then choose an export location.

Export Options


Pages: Export the entire range of pages in the album or select a range of pages to export individual spreads.

Color Profile: Choose a color profile for the exported album spreads. (sRGB, Adobe RGB, Match Images).

Export File Names: Toggle this on to export spreads with the filenames showing for each image the spreads. This can be useful for proof books and client previews of the album.

Click the Export button to being the export process.


Click the Export button, and the export will begin. A progress bar will display showing the export progress.


Once the export process is finished, double-check the exported spreads before sending them to the lab.

Video Tutorial

Find more information about Ordering, Exporting, and Proofing projects here.

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