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Legacy Proofer Export

Once the album is finished and ready for proofing, click the export icon and choose Legacy Proofer Export. The album will be sized properly to use with Fundy Software's Online Design Proofer.

The spreads are exported at 1,000 pixels high and the width is proportionate to the album size designed. If there is a front/back cover or a single/first last page, it will format them to work with Proofer. If there is no cover designated, it will automatically create a Cover.jpg and BackCover.jpg to use in the Legacy Proofer system since it's required for the flip book preview.

Click Legacy Proofer Export, then select an export folder location on the hard drive. Once done, select the Export Options.

Pages: Choose to export the entire range of pages in the album or select a range of pages to export individual spreads.

Color Profile: The color profile is locked at sRGB as this will be viewed on the web.

Export File Names: Toggle this on to export spreads with the filenames showing for each image in the spreads. This can be useful for proof books and client previews of an album.

After selecting the options, click the Export button to being the export process.

After clicking the Export button, the export will begin. A progress bar will display showing the export progress. Once the last spread has been exported, the dialogue will close and the exported files will be in the folder selected for export. Then log into the Legacy Proofer and upload the album spreads.

After the export is complete, there will be a prompt to go directly to the Design Proofer site.

Video Tutorial

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