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How to Design and Order for ROES

In this chapter we cover how to create a design for a lab using ROES software and submit that order. One of the great things about Album Builder is that all of the major labs in the U.S. and abroad are included. We’ll go step by step through this process. 


In this example, we will use one of our favorite labs (who will also be included in Fundy Direct), ProDPI. The first step is to download any cover template you might need for your album. We do not include cover templates for albums in Album Builder due to the sheer quantity available throughout the world. This will change for all labs included in Fundy Direct. But for ordering through ROES, you’ll want to download your cover template and save it as a JPEG.

Step 1:  Download Any Cover Templates

Here we have an example of the 10×10 Press Album Cover downloads from ProDPI. These downloads are PSD files, but do a quick save as a JPEG before starting your Album Builder project.

Step 2:  Set Up Your Album

Step 2:  Set Up Your Album

You'll need to set this album as a Design and Export.  Once your lab, line, and size have been chosen (we choose ProDPI, Press Album, 10x10), you will reach the option to upload your cover template.  As you can see only the .jpg will be an option for upload into Fundy Designer.

Step 3:  Design and Export

Step 3:  Design and Export

Now just design and export as you normally would with any album.

Please Note: You will need to choose “Export for Print” if you are ordering a PRESS ALBUM and “Export as Splits” if you are ordering a PRESS BOOK.

Step 4:  Launch ROES and Import Your Album Designs

You can add an entire folder or drag and drop spreads to the right side of the window

Step 5:  Choose Your Cover and Album

This is where ROES can get a bit confusing. Choose your album size on the left, then choose your cover style above and drag it down into the middle area. Then you can drag your cover design onto the cover area.

Step 6:  Add the Spreads

Now you need to click the little arrow just right of the Cover text and flip the book until you get to the first page or spread. Then select all of your pages/spreads and drag them onto order area.

Final Step:  Add to Order and Order Your Album

Now in the final step, just click add to order, then go to the shopping cart and finalize the purchase.


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