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How to Design and Order for ROES

In this chapter we cover how to create a design for a lab using ROES software and submit that order. One of the great things about Album Builder is that all of the major labs in the U.S. and abroad are included. We’ll go step by step through this process. When downloading ROES, first login with your account.



In this example, we will use one of our favorite labs (who will also be included in Fundy Direct), Miller's.

Step 1:  Download Any Cover Templates

The first step is to download any cover template you might need for your album. You will only need to do this if you do not see the cover option included in the Album Builder when creating your Album subproject. Download your cover template and then export it as a JPEG if it is not already in this file type. You can find the link to these cover templates here.


Here we have an example of the 10×10 Custom Image Album Cover from Miller's. These downloads are PSD files, but do a quick save as a JPEG before starting your Album Builder project.

Step 2:  Set Up Your Album

Once your lab, line, and size have been chosen (we choose Miller's, Signature Book, 10x10), you will reach the option to choose an included cover, upload your cover template, or input custom dimensions. If there is a cover option, but you'd like to use a template, select Custom Cover Size in the bottom right. Then choose Cover Template and upload your JPEG template.



Step 3:  Design and Export

Now design your album! After designing, select Export for Print from your export menu. Find the folder with your exported spreads and review these prior to ROES upload.

Step 4:  Launch ROES and Setup Album

When opening ROES, select Order Products. In our example, we chose a template for the 10x10 Signature Book with a Custom Image Cover, so these same options should be selected in ROES. Add spreads to the bottom well by dragging and dropping or selecting Add Images



Step 5:  Add the Spreads

Next, simply drag and drop the cover and spreads onto the design area. You will see the page number you are on directly under the spread and can navigate the pages using the arrows. You can also double-check you are adding the correct spread by comparing the spread export name to the pages you are currently on.


Final Step:  Add to Order and Order Your Album

When you are all done and have double checked your order, select Add to Cart and then proceed to checkout!

For more in-depth information on ordering through your particular lab, please contact your lab. Miller's also has video tutorials for their ROES program here.
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