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Image Well

For portability and speed, Fundy Designer creates lower resolution proxy versions of high resolution source images when importing into the project file. These are viewed in the Image Well along the bottom of the screen.

Sorting Images

Sorting Images

There are several options for sorting the order of images in the Image Well.  Date and Name are according to the metadata in the photo.  Rating, Favorite Status, and Story are adjusted in the Image Browser (more information on tagging and Image Browser here)

Filtering Images

Filtering Images

There are many options for how to filter images, selecting the box to the left of any filter will apply it to the Image Well.  All filters are based on tags applied either in the Image Browser or in an external editor (go to Images > Read Ratings and Keywords From Files to update those tags).

Filtering not only makes the Image Well manageable, but it is used with Auto Design as well.  To have only Favorited images in the album, apply the filter to the Image Well before choosing Auto Design.  More information about Auto Design can be found here.

Image Well Options

Image Well Options

The multiple squares options will show the images uploaded.

The multiple circles will show the background designs provided.

The overlapping squares will show the graphics provided.

The double bars allow you to adjust the size of the Image Well. Clicking and dragging the bars will make the Image Well and thumbnails larger or smaller while double-clicking will collapse the Image Well altogether for more design space.

1.  Auto Design:  Brings up Auto Design options

2.  Clear:  Clears current album designs

3.  Add Photos:  Brings up Finder to choose photos

4.  Grid:  Opens Image Browser to view and tag images

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