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My Designs and Signing Books

Once designs have been created in Fundy Designer, they can now be saved to My Designs and reused for future albums. With traditional template-based software, designs are based on pre-designed boxes on a page, but because Drop Zones adapt to the images, they can saved as design concepts and reused, regardless of the number or orientation of images.

Saving a design concept

To save a design concept, click the pin icon in the top toolbar. There will be a confirmation message "This design has been saved to 'My Designs' in the Quick Design Picker. Reproduce this design with any number of images."


To access saved designs, click the Layouts icon to open Quick Design Picker


Once in Quick Design Picker, access all saved designs by clicking the My Designs icon. To apply a design, click the selection and it will be applied to the spread.


Important Tips About Design Concepts

These are called "design concepts" because the patented Drop Zone 2.0 technology will attempt to recreate the concept of the saved design as opposed to an exact replica of a forced template. Throw any combination of images (vertical, horizontal) or number of images onto a spread, choose one of the saved designs and watch it magically adapt to recreate that concept.

For example, in this design there is a single main image on the left and a block of images on the right. Saving this design concept means that when used, there will always be a main image on the left and all the remaining images will be placed into a Drop Zone to the right. If the saved design uses two Drop Zones, any time that saved design is used, it will use two Drop Zones.


An important tip when saving designs is to keep in mind that it also saves all settings for the Drop Zones. If the ratio is set to 1:1 for the Drop Zone on the right, all images will be 1:1 when that saved design is used. It will also remember the preference for Fit/Fill. If it's important to keep the white space around the image block on the right (in this example), select that Drop Zone and collapse the empty space of the Drop Zone before saving (pinning) that design.

Collapsing the empty space in a Drop Zone is very easy. Simply double-click the orange border of the Drop Zone and it will collapse the empty space. Now, save the design. Then, when choosing this design, it will more closely replicate the original design concept.

For Example

Let's give this a try. In this example 5 images were dragged onto a new spread and an auto-design was created.


Next, click the Layouts icon to open the Quick Design Picker and click My Designs. Select the saved design from earlier, it will apply that design concept to the images.  



Notice that the design concept stayed the same with one large image and a block of smaller ones.

Signing Books

Guest signing books are a favorite product from engagement shoots. The key to designing a signing book is leaving enough space for guests to sign the book.

Album Builder features a Signing Book option in the Quick Design Picker. To access the Signing Book designs, drag the images onto a blank spread or select a spread already designed.

Click the Quick Design Picker icon (Planner View) or the Layouts icon (Designer View) to open Quick Design Picker.


The design selected is instantly applied to images in the spread selected. Now use all the options and tools available in Album Builder to customize it further.

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