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Setting Up a Gallery Designer Project

Selling wall art has never been easier.  Here is how to set up a new project in Gallery Designer

Starting A Sub Project

To open a new gallery using an existing set of images (for instance, the favorite wedding shots from the album), click on the Gallery Designer icon at the top of your window.  Choose "New Gallery"

Choose your lab

Our current Fundy Direct partner lab is ProDPI.

For Design & Export, any labs that we have wall art information for will be provided.  Choose any lab and click "Next"

Starting A Brand New Project

The wizard and process for starting a new project, with a new set of images, is much the same.  However, you will first have to bring in your images and name the entire project-not just the sub set of galleries.

You can do this using the dashboard when you first open Fundy Designer, or by choosing File > New Project while the software is open.

Once a project has been opened and named, you will have the option of choosing your module and importing images.  It does not matter which one you do first, as the same set of images can be used in any module in the same project.

Video Tutorial

Want to see it in action?  Check out this great video tutorial on getting started with Wall Art!

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