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Managing Rooms

Being able to design a collection and see how it would look in an actual room is critical to offering functional and appealing prints to your clients. This article will walk you through the best way to manage rooms, including uploading images of your client's actual space!

Default Selection


Gallery Designer includes 16 total default rooms and two blank (black or white) backgrounds for use for your designs. These backgrounds provide an array of choices for flexible design for whatever type of event you shot!

Add A Custom Room


You can have your client photograph their own room to use in your design. This is recommended.

To add a custom room, either click "Add Room" and find the .jpg or drop the room image to the front of the image well. 

**Please note: Rooms must be at least 4ft wide based on the design area. 

Input Room Measurements


Your client will need to have measured an object in the room that is close to the wall. Drag the black line to the ends of that object, and input the real measurements at the bottom of the screen.

Designable Area


Drag the corners of the box to determine the part of the scene that wall art should appear in. Gallery Designer will attempt to fill this space with images when generating wall layouts.

Drag and Drop


Drag and drop your room background to begin designing on that background.



You're set to start designing your gallery wall!  You'll notice that when images have been dragged into the design space, the layout suggestions will keep the images within your designated design space.

Displaying with a projector?


Gallery Designer is ideal for in person sales, and the ability to show the layout with a projection is invaluable.  Choosing "Actual Size" when a design is complete will show the finished result on the wall.

Calibrate Measurement

Calibrate Measurement

Once you are in "Actual Size", we suggest using the calibration tool to ensure that all images are being displayed at the correct ratios.  Do this my projecting the orange line onto your wall and inputing the length on the computer.

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