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How Should My Files Be Formatted?

Photos, Patterns, Frames, and Stock Rooms

All image files should be saved in an RGB color profile, and as .JPGs

You won't need to change the pixel dimensions of your images from the original version, the software will automatically do this for you if necessary based on your album size.  If an image has a triangle size warning, consider this a "proceed with caution," not a "stop."  This happens most commonly with images taken with a phone or downloaded from the internet.  Using the loupe tool (magnifying glass icon) will show you the full resolution preview.

Please keep in mind that bringing in more than about 600 images may significantly slow down your software, and potentially causing crashes due to memory limitations.

Graphics & Logos

You can also bring in .PNG logo files if you want a transparent background.  Logos are most compatible if they are sized under 1500 pixels on the longest side, as they are brought in at full resolution (as opposed to the proxy created for .JPG image files).

Ready to get started?  Check out this and other great tutorials on getting start in Fundy Designer v7!

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