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Thumbnail View

The thumbnail view will show all your images on the same page in a grid formation.

This is the easiest view for tagging and grouping images.  For more information on Tagging images, we have some great tools here and here!

New v10 features!!


Custom Image Order

You can now drag images into any order in both the image well and the grid view of the Image Browser

Use the shift key or the command/ctrl key to select multiple images and you can move them in groups.

Now that your images are in a custom order you can utilize this custom order for four things:


1. You can choose custom image order when adding images to a slideshow.


2. You can use custom image order in a client IPS or design session to make the images appear in a certain order.

3. You can choose custom image order when using Auto Design. This is perfect for customizing the order of images when two shooters are shooting at the same time in different locations like the bride and groom getting ready.

4. You can sort images in the Image Well by Custom Order

Check out blog post here!

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