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Setting up a Card Sub-Project

To create a Card sub-project, select the Card Designer icon.

Select + New Card to open the Card Design wizard. Here, standard size & orientation, custom size, or a template can be chosen.

Under Sizes, select a Standard size or recent size from the queue and choose orientation. A preview of the card fold will be displayed at the right. Add the card name and Save Changes.

Custom Size Cards

Choose Custom to manually enter a size, DPI, and bleed.

Card Templates

Select Template to import a front/back and inside card template. Just like album covers, .JPG and .PNG files are accepted for template files.

Add Photos for a New Project

If this is a new project, add images by either selecting and dragging files to the Image well or select "Add Photos" from the bottom right corner. If the card is being made in an existing project, your images will already be present in the image well.

For the Card Designer overview, click here

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