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Setting up an Album Subproject

It all starts right here. These next few lessons will go over how to create and set up a new project in Album Builder.

Album Wizard

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The Album Wizard goes through the album setup process, step-by-step. Begin by choosing between the following options:

1. Premium Global Direct Partner: Fundy Software is pleased to announce full integration with GraphiStudio to upload and order through their cart directly from Fundy!

2. Premium Direct Labs with Cover Templates: Design and order albums directly from selected labs through the Fundy Designer cart!

3. Premium Labs with Cover Templates: There are five additional non Direct labs that offer Cover templates to choose from!

4. Additional Lab Partners: Choose between over 140 labs. The lab specifications are provided by the labs themselves, to save time on entering album specs. 

5. Custom Size Album: Select "Custom Album Size" above the "Next" button to enter the specs for the book line needed.

Premium Global Direct Partner - GraphiStudio

GraphiStudio is now fully integrated into Fundy Designer so the user will have the ability to to choose from all of Graphi's book lines, sizes, and cover templates!

Premium Direct Labs + Cover Templates

Premium Global Direct Partners are designed to make ordering albums as simple as a few clicks from within Fundy Designer. Gone are the days of complicated and confusing ordering systems. Fundy Designer has partnered with a handful of labs and album companies to streamline the process of ordering albums.

Fundy Designer will provide book lines, sizes, and cover templates from the print lab and will automatically check that the album company data is up to date, check page counts against the album company specifications, and ensure the full resolution images are synced so the album is perfect. Once the order is placed, track the orders from within Fundy Designer.

Albums + Cover Templates

Fundy Designer is also partnered with a few non direct labs that have provided cover templates to make the design process even easier. No longer is there the need to download a template from the lab's website or create a cover through another system!

Additional Lab Partners

Choose from over 140 partners or search for a preferred lab.

Search, Favorite and Filter Labs

To favorite labs for future use, select the heart next to the lab. Select the Filter option to see all preferred labs. 

Select a Lab

Labs are listed in alphabetical order. Scroll for a preferred album company or type the name in the search bar and click Next.  Click on "Custom Album Size" above the Next button to create a custom size without selecting a specific lab. 

Select Your Lab

Book Line

Select a book line. If there is a star next to a book line, this means it is available to order through Fundy Direct!

If the book line is blank, this could be the result of software being out of date, or the internet connection is being blocked by firewall software. Double check the permissions settings to allow Fundy Designer to connect and this will be corrected. Additionally go to the Help menu and select "Update Print Size Library". Once a book line is selected, click Next.

Book Line

Album Size

Choose an album size. Once a selection is made, click Next.

Note: The first number in the size is always the width followed by the height. (i.e. Young Book 8x12 album is 8" wide and 12" high)

Album Size

Cover Options

Choose whether or not to add a cover. For Direct and Premium labs, choose from the cover templates already integrated in Fundy. For additional labs, create a custom cover, or bring in a JPEG cover template from the album company and then design the cover in the software.

Cover Options


Finally, review the album specs and name the album. Go back to any previous step simply by clicking on that step. If the album looks correct, click Save Changes and start designing.

Some album companies offer books that start both as spreads or single first/last pages. Fundy Designer defaults to each lab's preference. To customize the album (add a single first/last page) or design to specifications for an album line that is not in the database, choose "Click here to customize this album size". This will go to Step 2 of the Edit Album Wizard (see below).

All of the album settings will be retained and pre-populated in the Edit Album Wizard.

Create a Custom Size Album

To create a custom size, select Custom Album Size, then input the custom dimensions and options.

Create a Custom Size Album

Custom Album Size

Note: Check with the album company and verify the correct dimensions and DPI for the specific album.

To add or remove single first/last pages, create a custom album.

When setting up an albums spread size, set the spreads width as double the albums width to design as a spread.

For Example: an 8 x 12 inch album would be 16 x 12 inch spread (when exporting select the option to split the pages in half to submit single pages).

Click Next to continue.

Custom Album Size

Review Your Custom Size Settings

Review the album size and DPI. To make changes, go to a previous step at any time by clicking on that step. Once ready to proceed with designing, name the album, then click Save Changes.

Review Your Custom Size Settings

Change or Modify Album Size

To change or modify the album size or lab, click on the album size icon in the upper left corner of the dashboard. This will go to the Album Wizard.

Video Tutorial

Want to see it in action?  Our Album Builder tutorials start here!

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