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Auto Design Options

Now that the album is set up and the images have been imported, it's time for a rough draft of the album. This is when the Auto-Design shines.

Auto Design Feature Options

The feature makes a suggestion of how many pages to design and how many photos to use. Simply adjust this if needed, as most books require a specific increment of pages.

Design Style:  Choose whether to create a traditional album or a signing book

Aspect Ratios:  Choose between Mixed, 3:2 Accent Images, 3:2 All Images, Orginal Accent Images, or to Match the Original aspect ratios when the images are placed

Available Images:  Choose between the Entire Collection of images or Filtered Images currently in the Image Well

The design overview will say what will be used in the book, and how many image tags will be taken into account.  If it looks right, click Design!

If the design works well, that's it. To move any images around, just click and drag the image. Want a new look for a page? Choose from hundreds of designs in the patented Quick Design Picker.

Design Askew

Even if all the instructions are followed perfectly, at times the album may end up looking askew. Don't panic, this can happen. Because Auto-Design sorts by time stamp, this will happen if the images are either A. Very far apart in date-as if the camera had a malfunction during the event, or B. Have exactly the same date and time- such as if they were downloaded as an album off of the internet.

Just re-upload the photos from their original source in order to correct the metadata within each image file.  If they were downloaded from an internet source, download them individually.

Video Tutorial

Watch video tutorials on Auto Design here and here!

Want to really speed up workflow?  Check this out!

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