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Manage Images

Here are some tips and recommendations for managing images in Fundy Designer.

Images Menu


The following options will be displayed under the Images menu:

Add Images To Project - Add images to the Project.

Add & Update Images - Add images to the Project and check for updates to existing ones.

Re-Sync Images - Re-sync the path to the images in the case that they have moved.

Rebuild Project Images - Rebuilds proxy images for the Project.

Read Ratings And Keywords From Files - Updates image ratings from external editors

Write Ratings and Keywords To Files - Updates image files toinclude ratings added in Fundy Designer

Export Images In Album - Exports full resolution copies of all the Project images to the desired location.

Export List Of Images In Album - Exports a .csv list of the images in the Project to a chosen location.

Delete Unused Images - Deletes all unused images from the Image Well.

Copy List for Lightroom - Creates a list of all the images in the album that are perfectly formatted for Lightroom's search function.

Re-Sync Images

If there are yellow arrows on the photos it means they need to be re-synced.  It indicates that the cached image is out of date. This can happen (for example) if images are retouched in-place while Fundy Designer was closed. If editing through the "Edit in External Editor" feature, the images are dynamically updated. If there are a lot of images to retouch, it makes more sense to do that outside of the program. Fortunately, it's very easy to update images.

Go to Images > Re-Sync Images.

Locate the images and click Open. The photos will then re-sync. Also right-click the image to re-sync a single image.

Rebuild Project Images


Sometimes there may be blank thumbnails in projects. If so, the images need to be rebuilt. This can be done by selecting Rebuild Project Images in the Images menu.

Read and Write Ratings and Keywords From and To Files


These options will update ratings and keywords added either in Fundy Designer or an external editor

Export Images For Retouching


This feature exports full resolution copies of all the project images to the desired location. This is a great way to quickly create a folder of images for retouching without having to search and find those files in a folder full of images.

Export Filtered Images


Export only the images that have been filtered in the image well.

Export List Of Images In Use


Exports a .csv formatted list of the images used in the project to a chosen location.

Delete Unused Images


Deletes all unused images from the image well. This will remove unused images from the software, not the computer. The images can be brought back into the software at any time!

Copy Retouching List or Filtered Photos For Lightroom


Go to the menu and select Images > Copy List for Lightroom. A box will appear with a list of all the images used in the album formatted for a Lightroom search. Select the Copy button and then open Lightroom and load the folder of the clients photos.

Once in Lightroom, open the Lightroom search dialogue box by choosing Find from the Library menu. Then, change the find function to “Contains” and paste in the pre-formatted list of images from Fundy Designer. Lightroom will quickly find all the images in the album.

Create a new collection of the images and do the final editing and retouching. Export the images from Lightroom and then re-sync the retouched images in Album Builder. It’s a simple process that can dramatically increase efficiency.

Find Images From List


For more information about how to use the Image Finder, go here for the manual.

View Menu

Use this tab to change the View or adjust the way the images and spreads are viewed in the software and upon export.

Toggle File Names


Viewing the name of images in Fundy Designer can also help with managing project images. This becomes especially helpful when making client revisions later.

To view the image file names, click the View menu in the Menu bar, then click Toggle File Names. The file names will be displayed on all the images in the Thumbnail Window and in the spreads.

To turn file names off, click the View menu in the Menu bar, then click Toggle File Names.

The keyboard shortcut for this is the letter N

There will be the option on export to include the toggled file names.

Toggle Warnings

The image warnings are a reminder to check exported spreads for proper resolution prior to submitting for print.

Turn these warnings off by going to View > Toggle Warnings.  The keyboard shortcut for this is the letter W

Remember to ALWAYS review exported spreads prior to submitting for print! Fundy Designer will automatically increase the resolution when exporting or opening the image into Photoshop, using the "Edit in External Editor" feature and increase the resolution. When saving the image from Photoshop, it will automatically update the image in the spread and the image warning icon will disappear.

Toggle Guides


Toggle guides on and off a couple of ways. Go to View > Toggle Guides, click on the eye icon at the bottom right of the spread, or hit the G key.

Images ©Danny Dong Photography, Chrisman Studios and The Harris Co

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