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Duplicate Album

This article will go over how to duplicate or copy an album, or sub-project, at any time to easily make changes and not impact the parent project.

Fundy Designer

When you click on the Album Builder icon, there will be a list of Sub-Projects. To duplicate an Album Builder project, click on the two overlapping squares to the right of the project name.


Once confirming to duplicate, there will be an exact copy of the original album with "- Copy" at the end of the album name.



Change the Album Name

Once the album has been copied, go into the album settings menu. Find this by clicking on the pencil to the right of the album size or going to Edit > Album Size Settings.


Change the name of the album subproject by adjusting in the bottom right. Select Save Changes after any changes have been made.


Please note that while the name of each album or sub-project can be changed in this way, this cannot change the name of the entire project.

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