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The cover type or material I want isn't listed. What do I do?

Unfortunately, not every option each lab offers will be available through Fundy Direct. When setting up your album, please note that options available when ordering Direct will be presented to you upfront during this process.

1. The star icon denotes which items are available to be ordered via Fundy Direct.

2. In this example, both book lines are available.

In this example, the Plain Cover is selected. To the right, you can see materials available in Direct for that cover. You will actually choose your material during the ordering process. However, if you don't see the material you want listed here, you will need to export this album for print and upload to your printer's ordering system.

If you don't see the cover option that you want, you can choose to create a custom cover. However, if you do this, your album will no longer be setup as a Direct album, so you won't be able to order via Fundy Direct.

**It is always best to ask prior to ordering if you are unsure about an item you want to order. Once your order has been submitted, it is not possible to modify the order at all. You can always contact our team at with questions!**

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