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How To Design Studio Magazines

If you can design an album, you can design a studio magazine. Now its all built into Album Builder. Drop in some photos and designs, adjust the professionally pre-written text and you are ready to send off a PDF or send it to print.

Create a Magazine

First, under the Album Builder icon, choose New Studio Magazine and choose a lab that offers magazines.

Magazine Wizard

If you dont see your lab, just choose Generic as all magazine sizes are standard across the industry.

Magazine Size

Album Size

Magazines currently only come in 8.5" x 11", so you can simply click next or select Magazine and click next.

Magazine Design

Cover Options

On the last step, choose what magazine you would like to design, we'll layout the entire magazine for you, all you have to do is tweak the text and drop in your photos.

Drop and Edit

First, go through, drop in photos, product shots, etc. Then edit the text. You'll love the new ability to edit the line spacing, character spacing and rounding corners. We've also included all of the fonts you'll need for the new magazine designs.

Need to Add a Page?

Drag some photos in planner view to add pages. Or click the Add Spread button in Designer view.

Choosing a Layout

When you click the layout button, you'll find a new section in Fundy Designer, between Design Sets and Signing Books, called Studio Magazines. Choose the magazine you are working on.Then you'll have layouts to choose from. And remember, once the layout is applied, you can move things around, resize, etc.

Video Tutorial

Want to see it in action?  Our Studio Magazine tutorials start here!

Direct Order from Miller's Lab:

The Studio Magazine cost $4.25 per copy (minimum order of 10), which includes 16 pages. Extra pages are $0.36 ($0.72 spread) each (in quantities of 4).


Images ©The Harris Company

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