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Export Options

The Orders tab is accessed on the right side of your Image Browser, alongside the Tag Options

Exporting Studio Management Docs

1. Orders Tab - The Orders tab can be collapsed by clicking the Arrow, or by double clicking "Orders"

2. View Order - You can view your order and adjust pricing by clicking "View Order" as seen in the screenshot below.

Export as:

1. Studio Management XML - This exports a .xml file to be uploaded to your Studio Management software.

2. Studio Worksheet - This exports a plain text worksheet file to be uploaded to your Studio Management software.

Export Options


From the Export menu at the upper right corner of your software, you'll find various options to export Studio Magazine.

1. Ordering Direct - When you order direct, we prepare the print files and you can order right from within Fundy Designer. After clicking Order Direct, choose from the available labs and follow the prompts.

2. Export for Print - Most labs print studio magazines from single pages, so we recommend choosing Export as Splits. Then you can drop these into a ROES ordering software.

3. Export as Web PDF - When you export as PDF, we prepare a PDF ready for sharing over email or posting onto the web. We do not recommend printing from this PDF. We recommend sending a PDF version when you get an inquiry and sending or giving a printed version when your client books.

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