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How to Design Marketing & Pricing Cards

Our new product card designs were created to allow you to give something to your clients that they can physically hold and connect with.

Download the Designs You Want

All marketing card designs are available in the Design Library.

Download the ones you want by clicking "choose" on the card.

Create a New Card

We recommend choosing a 6×8 inch vertical card or similar as our product designs were created for this size. Then you choose your design.

You can filter designs by Marketing Cards to narrow down your search. Choose the Marketing Card design you want to work with.

Drop in Photos and Change Text

Next simply drop in your product photos and change the text to your liking.

Order Cards

Finally, just order your cards through Fundy Direct or Export for Print and order through your favorite lab. Marketing cards will definitely set you apart when meeting both prospective and current clients.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial on how to design marketing cards here!

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