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Why isn't my product pricing showing up?

You can enter your Client Product Pricing following this article. After your pricing is set up, if you try to add an order from the Image Browser (as seen below) you may find that your pricing is not populating.

If you have chosen any other lab than "Generic Standard", your prices may not show up on the "Add Print" page. This is easily fixed by making sure your desired lab is selected in the top menu of the window. This can be achieved by selecting the "edit" icon.

Choose your desired print type and then select your lab of choice from the dropdown menu.

Then make sure your desired print size is selected from the second menu. Note: Sizes are listed smallest side x largest side. In the example below, if you desire a 40x30 as opposed to a 30x40 simply click the rotate button adjacent to the menu.


Video Tutorial

See it in action here!


If at this time, you are still experiencing issues with getting your Pricing set up please feel free to contact Support

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