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How does the Pro Enhancements subscription work?

Pro Enhancements includes online Design Proofer, skin retouching export, slideshow export, and exclusive design assets in the Design Library. The Pro Enhancements are a yearly subscription that auto renews at the end of each period (trial or paid). Here are some frequently asked questions about Pro Enhancements:

Why does this auto renew?

Most of our subscribers are dependent upon uninterrupted access to their subscription (specifically Proofer). While we can always reverse and auto renewal if our customers no longer need the service, we can't give time lost back to customers who need continued access to their paid product.

I only use Design Proofer, and I don't need the other Enhancements. Can I subscribe to Proofer only?

Unfortunately Design Proofer is no longer offered on its own. Anyone who was a previous Proofer subscriber had the opportunity to continue using that service as it was, but once you cancel a Proofer account, you can only regain access by opting into Pro Enhancements.

How can I cancel Pro Enhancements?

You can manage your billing by going to the Help menu in your Fundy Designer software and clicking the link "Manage Payment Preferences" or by submitting a Support ticket.

Why was I charged without any notice?

We notify customers of upcoming charges three days prior to renewal. This reminder will arrive to customers via email. Unfortunately, sometimes this get routed to the spam folder. If this happens to you, and you don't see the reminder, don't worry. Contact our support team to get the account sorted properly.

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