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Project vs. Subproject?

What is the difference between a Project and a Subproject?  Do I need to create multiple projects for one event?  How many subprojects can I have?

Each event will be in its own Project, usually named after the event itself.  For example, Andy and Jennifer Peterson's wedding will be a new project called "Peterson Wedding", "Andy and Jennifer Peterson", "Andy and Jen Wedding", etc.

Having multiple Projects for the same event can be very confusing, so we recommend trying to keep every Subproject under the same umbrella if possble!

*Projects are often saved to the same location as the image files, but it up to you!

In every module, you have a "+ New" option.  Each "New" item is a Subproject.  This could be an album, a set of wall galleries, collages, or a set of branded images.

Lite licenses will allow one subproject/album per project

Pro and Studio licenses are unlimited to how many albums can be created for the same event!

(The icon of two squares creates a Duplicate-life saver!)

What if it's a long event?

For events that span multiple days, it can be smoother to create entirely separate projects.  Having more than about 500 images in a project can slow your design process down significantly.  This is an instance where we would recommend creating separate projects, or Volumes.

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