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Slideshows (v10)

The new slideshow in Fundy Designer v10 allows you more power and creativity than ever before. It's designed to help you make more money in your business. Its new flexible UI allows you to add any images or designs to your slideshow as well as sync your slideshow to the music chosen.

1. Choose from multiple content items you want to include in your slideshow. See below.

2. Select a track from the dropdown menu of preloaded Triple Scoop Music or add your own music. See below.

3. As you add Slideshow Content watch the Total Slideshow Length increase.

4. As you add Background Music watch the Total Music Length increase.

5. Change your image display time with the slider. You can see how long each image will be displayed during the slideshow to the right of the slider. Adjust your display time to your preference. The drop down will allow you to apply different display times between Images, Album, and Gallery.  

6. If your Music Length is less than your Slideshow Length, you can simply click "Match Music" and sync up the Slide Length.

7. Show the file names during your slideshow by toggling this option.

8. Open GL is a component of Drop Zones and in some cases can affect the saturation of images. To ensure your images and spreads are displaying accurately during a slideshow you can toggle this off.

9. The background color for your slideshow is black by default. You can change this by clicking the color box and selecting a new background color.

10. Export your slideshow at the resolution you need.

11. Save your slideshow settings by clicking Save.

12. When you're finished with the settings, click Play to open the slideshow. Then press the spacebar when you're ready to start!

Adding Items to a Slideshow

With just a few clicks you can Title Slides, add images and/or designs to a slideshow. Additionally, just keep stacking as many items you want to include. And with the new custom image ordering, you can add groups of images in the exact order you want.

1. Add a Title Slide to display when the slideshow begins, then choose the background color and font. Then sort them with different sort options to include the new v10 Custom Order option.

2. Filter the images that appear in your slideshow by selecting all images, only favorited images, non-favorited images, filtered or rated images.

3. Choose whether you'd like to display an Album, Gallery, or Card you designed, or all three!

4. Add your logo to the slideshow.

5. Add more Slides from the dropdown to showcase all your product designs to your clients.

6. Choose the order your images appear in your slideshow by simply dragging and dropping the item in the order you'd like.

7. Delete an item from the Slideshow Content list.

Audio Tracks

There is $600 of Triple Scoop Music included with your software.

Note: Triple Scoop Music has an awesome selection. Their music is compatible with our software. Enter the code Fundy10 to save 10% on your music purchase here.

1. Choose from an assortment of tracks, so you have appropriate music for any event.

2. Click here to import your own licensed music. The music must be in MP3 or MP4 format.

3. Download more songs from the Design Library with a Pro Enhancements subscription.

4. You can listen to a preview of the music by clicking the "Play" icon next to the song.


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