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Troubleshoot Slideshow - v10

If your slideshow isn’t looking sharp, there are a few things that might be affecting the quality. Below is a list of troubleshooting tips we’ve compiled to help you improve the quality of your slideshows:

Make Sure Your Images Are Synced

When you import your images, the software simply creates proxies of those images to keep the software running smoothly. If the original photos are not synced with your project, the software will use the embedded proxy images for your slideshow, which are quite small. To make sure your images are synced to the high-resolution files saved to your computer or external drive, go to Image > Re-Sync Images from the top menu of your software, navigate to the folder containing your images and select ‘Open’ to be begin the re-syncing process.

Note: If you are batch editing your images outside of the software (in Photoshop, for example), after they’ve been imported into Fundy Designer, we recommend re-syncing to ensure the software is showing your updated images. This will also ensure that the software will pull the edited high-res files on export.

Increase the Resolution of Your Proxy Images

Try increasing the resolution of your proxy images by changing your image import settings. To do this, go to Edit > Image Import Settings from the top menu of your software. Changing this setting will get you better resolution going forward. For it to affect a project already created, you'll need to go to Images > Rebuild Project Images from your top menu, after changing your settings. 



Check the Color Profile of Your Images

Fundy Designer supports both sRGB and Adobe RGB images; however, it’s important to note that the slideshow feature plays in sRGB. If the images you originally imported are in Adobe RGB, this can cause a slight color shift in your images when playing the slideshow.

Mac Users - Check the Save Location of Your Files

If you're on macOS Catalina or Big Sur, we recommend checking to make sure your local hard drive and desktop haven't been backed up to iCloud, as this can prevent the software from being able to connect to your high-res image files. To check if your desktop and documents folder are backed up to iCloud, click on the Apple icon (located top, left corner of your window) and go to > System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud Drive options > Documents. From there, make sure the box for Desktop & Document Folders is unchecked. Here are some screenshots to help explain:


Contact Support

If you find that the tips above do not resolve your issue, please contact our support team for additional assistance by going to and submitting a ticket. Our support agents will be happy to test your files, as well as meet with you via screenshare to ensure there aren't any environmental issues affecting the quality of your slideshows.






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