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Direct Order product offerings

Product type or option is not listed:

Do not submit your order unless you are willing to forgo that option entirely. Fundy Direct labs will print orders exactly as they are received. Additionally, once an order has been submitted, we are typically unable to make changes to or cancel the order. If you're unsure of why the option you want is not listed, please contact support before submitting.

Note: The "Special Instructions" box is only for shipping instructions; it cannot be used to modify orders. As a workaround, you can export for print, then upload those exports to the lab's ordering system, such as ROES.


Review thoroughly:

Before you place your order, be sure to review your spreads before exporting, during the export process, and after uploading those exports to the Fundy cart. After exporting for direct order, you can click the Review Design button to review your spreads before uploading them to the Fundy Direct cart.

You can review your spreads after they have been uploaded to the Fundy Direct cart by going to Client Orders > Direct Orders > Check Orders from the top menu of the software.


Additionally, be sure to review all of the order options you have selected before submitting your order.



As always, if you have any questions about this, submit a ticket and we'll be happy to help you there!

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