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Transfer projects from v6/7/8 to v10

Opening and Converting an older Fundy project in Fundy v10

All Fundy projects that have been created in a previous version of Fundy (i.e. v6, v7, or v8) are forwards compatible and can be opened in the newer v10 application. To open an older project in Fundy Designer v10, your project file will need to be upgraded to a v10 compatible copy.

To do this:

Start by launching your Fundy v10 software and navigating to File > Open in the top menu. Or select "Open Project" from the Fundy Dashboard.




Next, locate the Fundy project file that you would like to open in your v10 software. Once you have located the correct file click "Open" to proceed.

Please note: Fundy software is not cloud or web based, so all projects are saved locally to your computer or external device as .fsd files. If you save your projects to an external drive, make sure that drive is plugged in before attempting to open locate your project. If you're having trouble locating your project, we recommend checking out this article.

You will then receive a prompt that your project was created in a previous version of Fundy and that a new v10 compatible copy needs to be saved. Click "OK" to proceed to the next step.

A window will appear asking you to upgrade your project to Fundy v10. Here you can rename your project and choose a location to save your Fundy v10 compatible project file by clicking the Browse button. We recommend saving you Fundy projects to your Documents or a folder on your Desktop.

Click "OK" to upgrade your project file. You should now have a "v10 Upgrade.fsd" file of your project saved to your computer or external device.

Your project will open in Fundy Designer v10, where you can continue editing.

Run into any issues?

Submit a ticket to our support team and we will be happy to help you troubleshoot.

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